Stronger relationships with structured 1:1 meetings

Build stronger relationships with your team members with Strateamic's structured 1:1s and boost your effectiveness as a manager

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Meaningful 1:1's

Improve communication with meaningful 1-on-1’s. Learn what is holding your team back and what moves them forward.

Meaningful 1:1's
Improve knowledge-sharing

Improve knowledge-sharing

New hires are productive more quickly with our spaced-repetition learning.

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Reduce turnover

Team members feel more productive, heard and happier, keeping them more engaged in their job.

Reduce attrition


It's our mission to help software teams be more effective

Ask the right questions


Knowing what goes on in the heads of your peers is crucial

Knowledge Sharing


Sharing knowledge with your peers is crucial for effective teams



Experimenting helps teams learn and grow


Easy Scheduling

Schedule 1:1 meetings with ease. Simply pick an interval and Strateamic does the rest.

300+ Questions

We've organised over 300 questions, grouped in useful categories, which you can use for your 1:1 meetings.

Meeting Notes

No longer share Google Docs documents, but everything in a single place. Accessible by you and your team.

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