It's our mission to help software teams be more effective

We believe teams are the most crucial part of a successful business. A great team can face any problem or difficulty when they emerge.
Here are three elements that we believe make teams great.


Ask the right questions

Knowing what goes on in the heads of your peers is crucial. Every person's life is different and faces different problems. Getting to the bottom helps to get ahead of serious problems, like degraded health, engagement or productivity. We have identified over 300 questions for different areas of attention that a manager can use in their 1:1 meetings.

Knowledge sharing is crucial

Sharing knowledge with your peers is crucial for effective teams. More often than not knowledge remains in the head of the developer, increasing the risk of loosing this knowledge when he or she departs. Our software utilises proven learning techniques like Spaced Repetition to learn and share knowledge more effectively.

Embrace experimentation and learning

Experimenting helps teams grow, but keeping track of active experiments and their outcome is cumbersome. We believe we can leverage software to help keeping track of running experiments and automatically surveys for their results.