Revealing Strateamic

May 2022 I announced that I had quit my job as a software engineer to pursue my dream of bootstrapping my own SaaS business. Since then I have been working hard on the foundations, and now it is time to share more about the product.

Revealing Strateamic
Jeroen Fiege
Jeroen Fiege
Founder Strateamic
July 19, 2022

During my 18-year career as a software engineer in various teams, I have learned what makes a software team exceptional. I have categorized these learnings into two pillars: Effective Communication and Knowledge Sharing.

Effective Communication

I have learned that 1-on-1 meetings are essential. This is where concerns are shared, knowledge is exchanged, and obstacles are resolved. Running good 1:1s doesn't come naturally, especially if you are a first-time Team Lead or Engineering Manager.

With Strateamic I offer new and experienced Team Leads, Engineering Managers, Founders, and CTOs a framework for structured 1:1s, helping them to build stronger relationships and boost their effectiveness as a manager.

Knowledge Sharing

"You can only come up with great (technical) solutions if you fully understand the business domain."

Throughout the years I have worked in many domains, from Job Ads to Real Estate, to Payments. These domains are huge and it takes a lot of time to get familiar with them. When you are joining a new team, you not only have to learn the business, but also the tech stack, the code-base(s), and the engineering processes. Getting new hires to learn all these things more quickly and more thoroughly is essential in today’s job market, where software engineers aren't easy to come by.

Strateamic will offer a guided onboarding process for teams where new hires are introduced to existing team members, where they can start small learning courses specialized for your team and business, and keep their knowledge on par with spaced repetition.

What's next?

At the moment I am building an MVP focused on the first pillar: Effective communication using structured 1:1s. In a few weeks, I am planning to start a pilot with early adopters. If you are interested and want to join in on the pilot, you can signup at If you have a question or want to have a chat, feel free to contact me.

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